How Every Bakery Enzymes Manufacturer Helps The Industry!
 17 November 2021

The world is constantly moving towards an era that believes in awareness, triggering a whole array of new and improved habits. One such habit that is rising in its ranks is the demand to stay healthy by eating healthier!

Now you would be puzzled relating bakery goods with health, but that seriously was a situation till enzyme culture was introduced in the industry to overtake the use of chemicals!

Every Bakery enzyme manufacturer or basically every enzyme manufacturer is doing a boon by supplying the same as bio enzymes are the best-known alternative to their chemical counterparts.

The general public has been consuming bakery items since the early generations and preserving the items has been a dilemma from those very times. Earlier, chemical-based preservatives were prevalent across the bakery industry which did help the item gain an impressive shelf life, but everything comes with a cost.

Over time the chemical preservatives gave rise to various health issues that racked the public and gave a kickstart to the inclusion of enzymes in bakery.

About Bakery Enzymes

There are various enzymes that help in different processes and also act as good preservatives while maintaining the health quotient of the product. Enzyme manufacturers have constantly highlighted the fact that bakery enzymes are not just a blessing but a better way to live.

Enzyme suppliers have not backed down in maintaining the supply rate of these enzymes because preserving the food item isn’t their only job!

Enzymes, especially lipases help in strengthening the dough which makes it easier to retain the air giving it a fluffy texture. This is beneficial to breadmakers as it prevents the bread from going stale fast, and also helps stimulate a better mouth-feel for the consumers.

Apart from that, different enzymes are used in various proportions to manipulate bakes, making them healthier & tastier while increasing the shelf life!

Understanding Bakery Enzymes

Every bakery enzymes manufacturer is well versed at maintaining certain supply levels when it comes to bakery enzymes because baked goods come among the products that are consumed on a daily basis and even the slightest hiccup in the supply rate could affect the market drastically.

Bakery Enzymes act differently in different scenarios. A common understandable example is the difference between bread and a cookie. Bread needs a certain level of proofing but what matters is the retention of the carbon dioxide in the dough after the proofing process. This causes tiny bubbles to form within the dough which later on give it the fluffy texture.

Whereas its completely the opposite for cookies.

In bread making the gluten has to be strong to trigger air retention whereas in baking cookies, the gluten has to be weakened to do the complete opposite! This gives the cookie its texture and buttery mouthfeel.

One can gain a finer degree of prowess after incorporating enzymes in their bakes as enzymes not only catalyse dough strength but also increase uniformity in the flour, improve the mouthfeel, increases shelf life, and also improves the appearance of the end product!

Bakers across India have benefitted a lot by incorporating enzymes in their production and have experienced the benefits that bakery enzymes provide. Not just India, but the world is benefitting a lot by incorporating enzymes into their processes and have steered towards a greener and better tomorrow.


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