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Enzymes Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

Ultreze Enzymes is a top enzymes manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India & a leading biotech company. We are the largest enzymes manufacturer & Supplier as well as an Exporter of the best enzymes to various industries in Surat, India. We engineer specifically tailored best quality enzymes to match industrial usage and applications in Gujarat, India, and globally.

With our expertise in enzymes manufacturing & innovative research in biotechnology, We are the top enzymes exporter and supplier in India, We help us in deliver quality enzymes in desired quantities, for the production of a variety of goods & products for Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Textile Animal Feed, Sugar & Starch Processing, Detergent, Paper & Pulp, and Distillery. Ultreze Enzymes is a leading enzymes manufacturer among various other enzyme manufacturing companies in Surat, Gujarat, and India.

We are equipped with modern infrastructure & biotechnologies that allows us to uniquely tailor & manufacture various enzymes for various industries to supply and export globally, helping them to overcome traditional problems of upscaling quantity and enhancing the quality of their enzyme related products. Our expert team of biochemists enables Ultreze enzymes to manufacture customized enzymes according to an individual’s needs.

Our strong networks of dealers across the country make Ultreze Enzymes the largest enzymes manufacturer, supplier & exporter in the country. We deliver our in-house manufactured enzymes in small and large volumes to match our client requirements at the most affordable prices.

Creative Innovations

We always power talent cultivation and promote inventive innovation. We always put people's interest first before our own.

Valuable Resources

Our resources are the most valuable asset. Our combined teamwork and effort help us grow better, improve faster, as individuals and also as a company.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process assures that our customer(s) gets the best quality. Our high-quality products set us apart, ahead of the competition.


Sugar processing enzymes

Ultreze enzyme’s innovative processing aids were developed specially for the production of granulated and raw sugar from beet and cane. With dextranase and amylase.

Enzymes for distillery

Our enhanced distillery processing enzymes gives you a better and non-contaminated yield of ethanol at a faster rate.

Starch processing enzymes

Our advanced starch processing enzymes produce a high quality of different products like Maltodextrin, maltose, liquid glucose and dextrose powder.

Paper and pulp enzymes

Ultreze paper and pulp enzymes reduce the use of harmful and toxic chemicals which damages the environment.

Enzymes for food industry

Our food enzymes acts as a catalyst to improve food taste, texture, substantial economic benefits to industries.

Enzymes for Pharmaceutical industry

Our enzymes in medicine easily kills the disease-causing microorganisms, prompting wound healing, and helps to diagnose diseases.


Enzymes Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

Our Stringent quality global exports make us the best enzyme exporters in India! We make sure our network and product ensure the strongest bonds.

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