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Looking for sugar processing enzymes? Ultreze Enzymes provide Enzymes For Sugar Industry. Ultreze Enzyme’s innovative and comprehensive biomanufacturing process is uniquely engineered for a granulated production of raw sugar from cane and beet.

We develop the best dextranase and amylase to use in the raw processing of materials containing starch and dextrans. Our enzymes boost the sugar yield and heighten the quality of sugar crystals. The sugar produced is more sustainable which significantly reduces production expense for manufacturers.

We liquefy 45-50% dry matter in the starch suspension is gelatinised by increasing the temperature at a steam level and adding our manufactured enzymes. Through hydrolyzation of enzymes, the starch matter is converted into maltodextrin. Maltodextrin comprises oligosaccharides and dextrins which is processed further through a process called Saccharification. The starch is hydrolyzed completely into glucose by adding glucoamylase enzymes. Enzymes like Xylanase & Dextranas are added to lessen viscidity in the hydrolyzation process.

Ultreze enzymes unique and comprehensive mechanism of sugar processing helps businesses to make more sustainable products without impairing the quality. We manufacture and supply the best high-temperature Alpha Amlayse and Dextranas for sugar processing industries at an unmatched price across Gujarat and India.



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