Trypsin Enzyme, A Medical Marvel!
 22 October 2021

Not many have given a thought to how and what triggers digestion within us! We have simply seen hot food arrive in front and have blindly gobbled up the whole dish and the story always ended there. Humans have three main enzymes that trigger the process of digestion and the trypsin enzyme is one of them!

Trypsin Enzyme, As A Digestion Catalyser

The Trypsin enzyme is produced in our pancreas in its precursor form which is Trypsinogen. This is one of those enzymes that break down protein into lighter compounds, easing the whole digestion process! The astounding part here is that this enzyme travels, from the pancreas, all the way to the small intestines where it starts breaking down the proteins.

You might feel that muscle tissue is an example of protein and would react to Trypsin upon contact, which is a legible doubt but there lies a catch hidden here! During this journey through the pancreas to the small intestines, the Trypsin Enzyme is not simply Trypsin, but its precursor, Trypsinogen! This is where the catch stays hidden, Trypsinogen is the non-reactive form of trypsin and it only gets converted to the reactive form, i.e. Trypsin, once it enters the small intestines!

The Trypsin Enzyme holds the throne of our digestion tract with two other similar enzymes which are:

1. Pepsin
2. Chymotrypsin

These three enzymes together help in breaking down proteins into simpler ‘Amino Acids’ which are then easily absorbed by the Large intestine! This process doesn’t take much but simply highlights how our body works as one mechanism. The absence of even one such element could spell a huge deal for humanity. Coming back to the end product which is Amino Acids, also known as the building blocks of life, help in various ways such as hormone production, repairing tissue, etc!

Trypsin does play an integral role in us humans, but the fact that it was discovered simply boasted its future commercialization, and that is what followed!

Origin And Discovery Of Trypsin Enzyme

Discovered quite a few years after its reigning partner, Pepsin, the Trypsin enzyme was later on successfully crystallized in the early 1900s which was the first-ever spark indicating its commercialization. Being counted as one of the major medical industry enzymes, Trypsin gradually saw its way into the pharmaceutical industry and was being used to treat a lot of things in humans.

Why A Blessing?

One such ailment which uses Trypsin for betterment is an ongoing hyper condition that is increasingly being discovered in many people.
If this doesn’t blow your mind then nothing would!
That ailment is cancer. Trypsin is largely used to destroy the cancer cells present in and around tumours and has appeared to us as an amazing stepping stone! Its ability to break down proteins is very cleverly used to treat something that kept humanity in turmoil for quite some time!
Now comes the part that holds immense irony!

This enzyme is also used to clean wounds! Something that cures a disrupting disease like cancer is also used for simple applications such as wounds and bruises. But apart from the irony, the benefit that it showcases here is that it triggers healing of the wounds present on the outside!

Mainly being focused on rectal cancer, Trypsin is also used as a supplement for people whose bodies don’t produce the required amount of enzymes for digestion. Who knew that apart from its ability to remove dead skin on wounds to trigger the growth of new ones can be also used as a supplement for digestion.


Everything above shows that the Trypsin enzyme is definitely a medical marvel and here at ultrez enzymes, we don’t hold back when it comes to supplying something this essential! We rank among the top enzyme manufacturers of India and our products have seen all the corners of this world and have reached the right place for the right deed!