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Enzymes Used in the Dairy Industry

Enzymes Used in the Dairy Industry

Protein Binder 2.0 (Curd Binder)

The use of enzymes as protein binders in dairy products has a number of benefits. First, milk proteins may change in order to become more soluble and useful, which makes them simpler to handle. This may result in more consistent and higher-quality products.

  • Improve the Curd/yogurt strength, increase water retention, reduce whey precipitation, and improve product quality.
  • Improve the texture, taste, and flavor of Curd/yogurt, make the yogurt smoother and more delicate.
  • Increase the product’s viscosity while lowering the thickener’s dosage and expense.
  • The dosage is very modest, has no negative effects on yogurt flavor or taste, is safe for humans and the environment.



Lactase (Catase-LACT)

Lactase is employed in commerce to create lactose-free goods for consumers who are lactose intolerant. It is additionally employed to make ice cream, enhancing its sweetness and creaminess.

Rennet (Catase-REN)

Rennet has traditionally been used to separate milk into solid curds and liquid whey, used in the production of cheeses. 

Lipases (Catase-LIP)

Lipase is utilized to separate milk fat and gives desirable flavors to the cheese. Strong flavor cheeses. The lipase enzyme is used to make the Italian Romano cheese. Free unsaturated fats are responsible for the flavor that comes from the breakdown of milk fat.

Transglutaminase (Catase-TG)

An enzyme called transglutaminase can combine proteins in a certain way. For jobs like making cheese and dairy products, this talent comes in handy. The enzyme has the power to improve the food items’ pliability, hardness, thickness, and water-holding capacity. 

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    Ultreze Enzymes are crafted with precision and backed by rigorous quality standards, ensuring optimal performance and exceptional results in dairy processing.

    Ultreze Enzymes distinguish themselves through a combination of superior quality, customizable solutions, and a dedicated commitment to helping our clients achieve excellence in dairy processing.

    The best way to choose the right enzymes for your dairy processing operation is to consult with an expert. They can help you assess your specific needs and recommend the right enzymes to achieve your desired results.

    Yes, enzymes are safe for dairy processing. They are naturally occurring substances that are used to accelerate chemical reactions. Enzymes are widely used in the food industry and are considered to be safe and effective.