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Detergent Enzymes Manufacturers In India

Ultreze Enzymes is the leading Detergent Enzymes Manufacturers In India. Chemically manufactured detergents are a major source of water effluents that pollutes the environment. The harmful effects of chemically produced products are well known around the world. Our comprehensive research and vigorous development in the biotech domain assist Ultreze Enzymes to develop eco-friendly detergents that are equally efficient as their counterparts.

Detergent enzymes have dramatically assisted to improve the quality of detergents for households and industrial applications that are much safer and eco-friendly. We uniquely develop proteases, lipases, amylases, and cellulases enzymes that have particular benefits for washing and laundry applications. Ultreze Enzymes reduce energy consumption. It shortens washing times, improves water management and reduces temperature. Ultreze engineers the best detergent enzymes in the market that are environmentally-friendly. We’re also one of the largest enzyme suppliers for detergent manufacturers. Our strong relationship with various dealers allows us to deliver enzymes across the country easily.

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