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Lipase enzyme acts as a catalyst in the breakdown of lipids by hydrolyzing the esters of fatty acids. It also assists in breaking down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol. Lipases are ubiquitous enzymes that have considerable physiological significance and industrial potential.


Lipases enzyme play an important role and can be seen being used in organic chemical processing, detergent formulations, synthesis of biosurfactants, the oleochemical industry, the dairy industry, the agrochemical industry, paper manufacturing, nutrition, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical processing.

Lipase enzymes

Application of Lipase Enzyme

Industry Action Lipase Enzymes Application
Lipase Enzymes for DetergentsHydrolysis of fats Removal of oil stains from fabrics
Lipase Enzymes for Dairy foodsHydrolysis of milk fat, cheese ripening, modification of butterfat.Development of flavouring agents in milk, cheese, and butter
Lipase Enzymes for Bakery foodsFlavour improvement Shelf-life prolongation
Lipase Enzymes for BeveragesImproved aroma Beverages
Lipase Enzymes for Food dressingsQuality improvement Mayonnaise, dressings, and whippings
Lipase Enzymes for Health foodsTransesterification Health foods
Lipase Enzymes for Meat and fishFlavour developmentMeat and fish products; fat removal
Lipase Enzymes for Fats and oilsTransesterification; hydrolysis Cocoa butter, margarine, fatty acids, glycerol, mono-, and diglycerides
Lipase Enzymes for ChemicalsEnantioselectivity, synthesis Chiral building blocks, chemicals
Lipase Enzymes for PharmaceuticalsTransesterification, hydrolysisSpeciality lipids, digestive aids
Lipase Enzymes for CosmeticsSynthesisEmulsifiers, moisturizers
Lipase Enzymes for LeatherHydrolysis Leather products
Lipase Enzymes for PaperHydrolysis Paper with improved quality
Lipase Enzymes for CleaningHydrolysis Removal of fats

Lipase (Feedozyme-LIP)

The lipase enzyme converts fats into soluble fatty acids that are subsequently readily absorbed as nutrients by the animal. It is made specifically to dissolve the fats included in animal feed. In order to increase feed conversion ratio and satisfy the demands of greater energy rations, lipase encourages the digestion and absorption of fat in their daily diets. Enhances the feed’s nutritional value by enhancing fat digestion and utilization, which raises the feed conversion rate. Additionally, it increases the utilization of micronutrients and fat-soluble vitamins. Among the advantages it offers are boosting meat quality, raising average daily gain and production capacity, and safeguarding animal health.