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Paper And Pulp Enzymes
Paper And Pulp Enzymes

Paper and Pulp Enzymes | Enzymes in Pulp and Paper Industry

Enzymes are widely used in the Paper and Pulp industry. It has helped to reduce the usage of harmful & toxic chemicals that hazardous impacts the environment.

Ultreze’s comprehensive enzymes manufacturing process allows the paper and pulp industry to produce high quality papers. Our enzyme doubles production & reduces the usage of toxic chemicals in the bleaching process. Xylanases decrease the usage of chemicals required for bleaching; cellulasess, makes the fibre lustrous, reduces drainage, and promote ink removal, lipases reduce pitch; laccases and lignin-degrading enzymes reduce colour in effluents, and promote lignin removal processing.
Ultreze’s paper and pulp enzymes enhance the physical and mechanical traits of the final product. It offers increased viscosity and improved the compatibility of paper with printing machines.

Ultreze Enzymes is the leading manufacturer of paper and pulp enzymes in India. We are also one of the leading suppliers of  in house manufactured paper and pulp enzymes at the best price to meet your demands of enzymes for paper and pulp industry. 

Our Processing Flow

Alpha amylase

Alpha amylase

Alpha amylase is used for starch liquefaction process.

Serratiopeptidase Enzyme


Xylanases reduce the amount of chemicals required for bleaching.

Lactase Enzyme


cellulases smooth fibers, enhance drainage, Enhance Swelling and Fibrillation of Fibres.

Enzymes in Paper & Pulp Industry

Alpha Amylase (Pulpozyme-HTAA)

In order to decrease viscosity, surface sizing, and for starch in coatings, amylases are utilized to break down starch molecules.


Xylanase (Pulpozyme-XYL)

Xylanase enzyme breakdown the bond between lignin and hemi-cellulose and thus remove xylan Contains. Because the bonds between lignin and hemicellulose have been disrupted, lignin can be easily removed. Reduced xylan concentration improves the bleachability of the fiber by increasing its permeability. The quantity of chemicals needed for bleaching is decreased by xylanases.


Cellulase (Pulpozyme-CELL)

Cellulase plays an ideal role in manufacturing of good-quality paper and pulp. It’s used to debark the biomass and to remove lingo cellulosic part. Pulpozyme-CELL also has application in recycling of used paper by deinking and biobleaching. it enhances freeness and drainage ability of the fibers without compromising the brightness of the fibers.


Lipase (Pulpozyme-LIP)

This pitch is eliminated with the aid of lipase. This lessens any future problems that the pitch might create. The Lipase enzyme can readily remove the pitch that gets dumped in the paper machine.

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    The main use of enzymes is in fibre modification, old print paper de-inking, bleaching of the pulp and modification of starch application on finished paper.
    Yes, microbial enzymes are used in the paper industry.