Paper and pulp enzymes

Paper and Pulp Enzymes | Enzymes in Pulp and Paper Industry

Enzymes are widely used in the Paper and Pulp industry. It has helped to reduce the usage of harmful & toxic chemicals that hazardous impacts the environment.

Ultreze’s comprehensive enzymes manufacturing process allows the paper and pulp industry to produce high quality papers. Our enzyme doubles production & reduces the usage of toxic chemicals in the bleaching process. Xylanases decrease the usage of chemicals required for bleaching; cellulasess, makes the fibre lustrous, reduces drainage, and promote ink removal, lipases reduce pitch; laccases and lignin-degrading enzymes reduce colour in effluents, and promote lignin removal processing.

 Ultreze’s paper and pulp enzymes enhance the physical and mechanical traits of the final product. It offers increased viscosity and improved the compatibility of paper with printing machines. Ultreze Enzymes is the leading manufacturer of paper and pulp enzymes in India. We are also one of the leading suppliers of  in house manufactured paper and pulp enzymes at the best price to meet your demands of enzymes for paper and pulp industry. 

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