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Enzymes For Animal Feed
Enzymes in Animal Feed, Animal Feed Enzymes

Enzymes For Animal Feed | Enzymes In Animal Feed Industry



Ultreze Enzymes provide Enzymes for animal feed. Enzymes used in the Animal Feed Industry. Animal feed in the Poultry sector sums up to 60-70% of the total expenses for many individuals and businesses. 



Supplementing animal feed with enzymes helps producers to curb expenses, and enhances the quality of products like meat and eggs. 

Enzymes For Animal Feed

The animal feed enzymes developed at Ultreze Enzymes are pocket-friendly and safe for animal consumption. Our enzymes not only accelerate the effectiveness of traditional livestock but also improves the digestion of various fibrous components & proteins and reduces the manure output. Each animal feed enzyme developed by Ultreze has different characteristics that impact an animal’s dietary inclusion rate, allowing customers to improve the overall quality and quantity of the final product. 

We are the largest suppliers of animal feed enzymes in the country. We provide the enzymes in Animal Feed Industry. We not only produce the best animal feed enzymes for the poultry sector but we also supply them to various locations in India at the best price. Get the best quality of animal feed enzymes from Ultreze Enzymes today!

Lipase Enzymes For The Animal Feed Industry

Lipase enzyme breaks down fats into soluble fatty acids which can then be easily absorbed by the animal as a nutrient. It is designed specifically to break down Fats present in the Animal Feed. Lipase promotes the digestion and absorption of fat in their daily diets, increasing feed conversion ratio and meeting the requirements for higher energy rations. It Improves the nutritional value of the feed, especially the digestion and utilization of fat, increasing the feed conversion rate. It also Boosts the absorption and utilization of fat-soluble vitamins and other microelements. Protecting animal health, increasing average daily gain and production capacity, and improving meat quality are just some of the benefits it provides with.

Our Processing Flow

Alpha amylase


Phytase is essential for enhancing nutritional value of feed and improving animal growth performance and health. It reduces feed cost by reducing inorganic phosphorus supplementation and has the added benefit of decreasing phosphorus excretion in manure.

Lactase Enzyme


Xylanase improves animal nutrition and gut health by breaking down non-starch polysaccharides in cell walls of feed grains so that valuable entrapped nutrients can be released for digestion.

Alkaline Protease


Amylase improve the digestibility of carbohydrates in feed ingredients. This improved digestibility increases the availability of energy in the small intestine to help promote growth and other productive processes.

Alkaline lipase


Glucanase efficiently catalyzes the depolymerization of β-Glucan in plant materials. It reduces the coating or biofilm of Candida that can grow in the digestive tract.

protein digesting enzyme


Protease is a protein digesting enzyme that breaks down storage proteins binding starch within feed ingredients.

Aldehyde oxidase


Lipase breakdown fats, oils, and triglycerides. Lipase is necessary for the full digestion of fats to their smaller fatty acid components.

Alkaline Protease

Blend of enzymes

Specialized Enzymes based Formulations to break down Proteins and Carbohydrates for better digestion.

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    Enzymes help in animal feed by converting fibre polysaccharide proteins, phytic acid into nutrient based mixer.
    Enzymes are important for animals as enzyme helps to increase the nutrient value of feed.