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What is Xylanase Enzyme?

Derived from a fungal source, the Xylanase enzyme is used to hydrolyze D-Xylan to D-Xylose. Xylanase will hydrolyze Hemicellulose which in turn is quite useful for applications such as the reduction of wheat, barley, corncobs, and other foods that are hard to digest.

The Xylanase enzyme is either granular or liquid form specially designed for fiber solubilization applications. Due to the wide Ph spectrum of activity, it does not require acidic Ph adjustment for optimal activity.

Xylanase Enzyme Uses

Let us throw some light on the uses of Xylanase Enzyme:

  • Used as an animal feed additive
  • In industrial applications
  • As industrial cleaning compounds
  • Textile processing applications
  • Sanitary applications such as waste paper degradation

At present, the Xylanase enzyme is used in Biobleaching applications for wood pulp in paper mills to reduce AOX emissions.

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Xylanase Enzyme Application


Xylanase enzyme is widely used in the production of beverages such as juice to filter the juice along with decreasing the turbidity of the juice. The enzyme will hydrolyze the carbohydrates and polysaccharides present in the juice which in turn improves the efficiency of the juice.

Baked goods

The food industry is also making excellent use of the Xylanase Enzyme as it increases the volume of the dough by changing the gluten structure. Besides this, the Xylanase Enzyme in food industry also increases the elasticity and ductility of the dough and prevents the dough from becoming hard. The use of enzymes also improves the processing of the dough by allowing it to become more stable in its final presentation.

Brewing industry

Not many people know but Xylanase Enzyme is also used to make good beer. The use of Xylanase enzyme in the beer-making process tends to reduce the viscosity of wort thereby improving the beer yield and increasing the filtration rate of beer. Earlier, brewers found it difficult to filter out wort and reduce the yield because beer was produced with Malt back then.

Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry is also making great use of Xylanase Enzyme to enhance the efficiency of pulp bleaching processes. The use of Xylanase Enzyme not only reduces the amount of chlorine used for bleaching but also reduces environmental pollution and brings down production costs.

Health products

Besides the above-mentioned applications, Xylanase Enzyme is also used in the making of health products. Using the Xylanase enzyme increases the longevity of health products. Moreover, it is easily assimilated into health products by microorganisms.

Xylanase Enzyme is a popular enzyme and is widely used in the food industry as a biocatalyst. Ensure that the Xylanase Enzyme is efficient, specific, and diverse due to the development and complexity of the food industry.

Benefits Of Xylanase Enzyme

  • The use of Xylanase Enzyme improves product quality in nearly all industries in which it is used.
  • It is also economical as it saves you the cost of raw materials and waste management.
  • It reduces the amount of waste generated and is environmentally friendly.

Xylanase (Feedozyme-XYL)

When manufacturing animal feed, xylanases are very useful. By breaking down the starch polysaccharides in high-fiber and barley-based diets, xylanases lower viscosity and speed up absorption. Increased nutritional value and better feed digestion in ruminants are two benefits of pre-treating agricultural silage and grain feed with xylanases. Similar to this, adding more feed to broiler diets along with xylanases improves yield production of poultry items as well as growth performance, such as weight gain.


Common feed items that include xylan include wheat, rye, corn, cereal by-products, soybean meal, etc. The substance xylan, on the other hand, is indigestible to non-ruminants and has a strong anti-nutritional effect by thickening chyme and obstructing the absorption of protein and energy. By removing the anti-nutritional effects of xylan and lowering feed costs, xylanase can be added to diets.

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    A xylanase enzyme is a type of biocatalyst that breaks down xylan, a complex carbohydrate found in plant cell walls.

    Xylanase enzymes are generally considered safe when used appropriately. However, it is always recommended to follow safety guidelines and wear protective equipment when handling any enzymes.

    Integrating Ultrez Xylanase is seamless. Our team provides comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance in your existing production processes.

    There are different types of xylanase enzyme, each with specific properties and applications. Some common types include endo-xylanases, exo-xylanases, and β-xylosidases.

    By incorporating xylanase enzymes into your bioprocesses, you can unlock a world of possibilities, paving the way for enhanced efficiency, improved sustainability, and groundbreaking advancements in various industries. Embrace the power of xylanase enzymes and revolutionize your biotechnological endeavors.