Enzymes Are Changing Medicine & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing In India
 1 March 2021

Enzymes are changing medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing – a guide from the best enzyme manufacturer in India

Even before the introduction of biotechnology, enzymes, and proteins were used to manufacture different medicines and drugs. Enzymes have a high level of specificity because of which they only react with their specific targets. Their amazing catalytic properties transform particular molecules into desired products by increasing the rate of conversion in metabolic processes. This characteristic of them is what makes enzymes different from all the other drugs. The advancement of biochemical drugs and the ability of enzymes to react only on a specific substrate can be used to increase the effectiveness of drugs through environmental and genetic manipulation. The ability of enzymes to produce high yield, assists pharmaceutical companies to manufacture required medicines in large quantities. They also allow pharmaceutical companies to easily modify and improve the overall efficacy of medicines with time. The application of digestive and metabolic enzymes can be used alone or supplemented with other therapeutic drugs for the treatment of various diseases digestive disorders, leukaemia, sink ulcers, and Parkinson among others. Enzymes also help in the diagnosis of diseases & disorders and promote wound healing

Here Are The Top 4 Applications Of Enzymes In The Medical Landscape From The Best Enzymes Manufacturer In India

Usage Of Enzymes In The Cleaning Of Medical Devices

Powerful and enzymatic detergent enzymes are particularly engineered for cleaning medical devices. These cleaning detergents are supplemented with mainly two enzymes called protease and lipase. Proteases are tailored to remove protein-rich blood strains, while lipases break down fatty adipose tissues. Additionally, amylase and cellulase enzymes are also used to remove starch and cellulose polymers. The application of enzymatic detergents is also used in many other industries under the guidelines stated by the FDA and CDC.

Usage of Enzymes in Diagnosis of Diseases

The Enzyme metabolic process plays a crucial part in the biological process occurring inside all the species. Enzymes can catalyze metabolic activities and chemical reactions and are found in humans, animals, plants, and microbial organisms. They offer an array of applications in microbial biotechnology. The deficiency or abnormality of enzymes in the system can cause many diseases. For example, when there is damage to the liver, enzymes leak into the bloodline. Examination of the blood test will show the presence of these enzymes and thus, it can be concluded that the liver is injured. Diabetic patients use strips of paper fertilized in aldohexose enzyme which helps them to keep their sugar in check.

Usage Of Applications To Treat Diseases

The application of enzymes as medicines has two main trades which makes them unique and distinct from conventional medicinal drugs. Unlike traditional drugs, they fuse and act on their target with higher potency. Secondly, their powerful catalytic power helps them to transform multiple molecules into the required products. These two characteristics of enzymes help pharmaceutical companies to manufacture more effective and therapeutic drugs that traditional medicines cannot.

The catalytic properties and applications of enzymes are widely used in manufacturing various drugs in the industry today. Enzymes namely amylase, lipase, and protease are used to manufacture drugs that improve digestion and enhance metabolism activities. Almost every enzyme engineered for medicinal purposes is used to cure genetic disorders. Enzymes in pharmaceutical industries are also used to cure deficiency for comparatively rare diseases and hereditary issues. Enzymes are also used in the treatment of cardiac attack as they can break internal clots and dissolve the hardening of walls of blood vessels which prevent proper blood circulation in the body. Enzymes like chondroitinase ABC are also beneficial in the treatment of spinal injuries.

Enzymes Are Changing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Enzymes are changing the medical landscape and how medical drugs are manufactured. Due to their biocatalytic characteristics, they are rapidly emerging as a new technology to manufacture pharmaceutical products as they can be easily permuted with specific small molecules easily. Advancement in biotechnology and the availability of enzyme manufacturers and suppliers in the market is assisting pharmaceutical companies to produce sustainable, greener, and safe-to-consume therapeutic drugs that are relatively more economical and effective than their traditional counterparts

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