Save Money & Earn Profit! Best Enzymes For The Animal Feed Industry
 15 March 2021

For more than a decade, enzymes and their applications have been used in the animal feed industry. However, the phytase enzyme was the one and only enzyme used in the animal feed industry to reduce phosphorus excretion. But with the advancement in biotechnology, more and more enzymes are discovered to improve the animal feed industry and its products.

Let’s Understand The Challenge Faced By The Animal Feed And Poultry Industry

The feedstuff in the poultry and swine diet majorly contains digestible corn and soybeans as base components in the feed. About 80% of this corn-soybean-based meal is digested, leaving nearly 20% unabsorbed or undigested. The undigested nutrient causes irritation in their gut, diarrhea, and more. This can have detrimental effects on the animal’s health and greatly impacts the products obtained. 

These feedstuffs are expensive, also the cost of maintaining hygiene in the shelter is high as the animal sometimes stands in their excreta. Animal hygiene also plays an important factor that impacts the quality of products in the poultry, swine industries.

The advancement in biotechnology is helping enzyme manufacturers to discover new and powerful enzymes for the animal feed industry.

Today enzymes like xylanase, amylase, protease, lipase, etc. apart from phytase. These enzymes assist animals to improve their digestion power and increase their ability to absorb nutrients from the feedstuff properly. 

Gradually more and more producers are supplementing enzymes in their animal feedstuff and here’s why should too!

Benefits Of Supplementing Enzymes In Animal Feed

  1. Improves the health of domesticated animals
  2. Minimizes the frequency of diseases and ailments among animals. Thus, reducing veterinary cost.
  3. Improves digestion in young animals
  4. Increase the production and quality of eggs in the poultry industry.
  5. Excreta of the animals contain a lesser amount of nitrogen and phosphorus which does not have adverse effects on the environment.

Now that you know, why are enzymes gaining so much popularity among producers in animal feed, here are the best enzymes used in the animal feed industry you should know 

Enzymes in animal feed are majorly classified into three categories that have specific functions in the animal gut and digestive tract.


Phytase is a substrate for phytic acid, commonly found in plant tissues. Phytic acid harms the animal’s health because it binds amino acids and minerals that animals cannot absorb. As a result, it is excreted out of the body. This can cause poor performance. 

Supplementing phytase in animal feed, it prevents the production of phosphorus in the system, helping animals to digest essential nutrients from the foodstuff. The usage of phytase also proves to be cost-efficient for the animal feed industry because it curbs the spending on an animal diet.


This class of enzymes includes enzymes like xylanases, glucanases, and amylases. These enzymes act inside the animal’s stomach, breaking down degraded carbohydrates like starch, protein, fibers into simple sugar which is used by animals in the form of energy.

Wheat, barley, and corn have a hard coating on the outside. The major part of this coating is manually mashed during mil processing however it is not fine. The fibrous portion of the grain cell wall is indigestible and about 15-20 percent of it enters the animal body. By mixing the carbohydrase enzyme in the feed, it will react and break down these starchy grain particles.

Xylanase is a frequently used enzyme in the category of carbohydrase. It attacks the arabinoxylan structure of corn or wheat, enabling the animals to absorb the nutrient and convert it into energy. This also reduces the amount of fat supplemented in the final diet.


Protease enzymes are the newest addition in enzyme manufacturing, helping animals to improve their digestive power resulting in improved growth and performance. Protease breaks down anti-nutritional components, realising the valuable nutrients needed and minimizing the harmful effects of undigested proteins. 

Protease enzymes assist the animal feed industry to effectively manage the nutritional risk linked to the quality of feedstuff. It allows animals to absorb and utilize all the nutritional values available in the animal feed.


When your animal’s digestion improves, your business profits! The nutritional value of the best animal feed is only comprehended when the animals can digest and absorb nutrients properly from the animal feed. By supplementing Ultreze enzymes into animal feed, animals can easily digest indigestible components, allowing the poultry industry to produce high-quality dairy, and meat products obtained from different animals cost-effectively in relatively lesser time.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Ultreze Enzymes In Animal Feed

  • Improves nutrient absorption and energy utilization from animal feed
  • Enhances feed conversion in pigs and poultry
  • Ultreze enzymes are safe to consume and improve hygienic conditions
  • Affordable and cost-effective.

Ultreze enzyme is not only the best enzyme manufacturer but is also a leading enzymes supplier in Gujarat, India. We have assisted many industries to shift to more sustainable and greener ways of manufacturing and production of their products. Get your tailored enzyme solutions for animal feed and poultry across India and around the globe by simply reaching out to our website today. 

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