Wastewater Treatment With The Help Of Enzymes
 30 June 2021

Wastewater management or wastewater treatment seems to be a topic left untouched inside our school textbooks. The usage and wastage of water on a daily basis has been a matter of concern and even after the measures taken to keep it in check the problems don’t cease to pop up on a regular basis. 

Water that is present on the surface, is always prone to pollution and we have come a long way in terms of technology and methods in which the wastewater generated gets treated. 

The coming years have seen a significant increase in the knowledge on this topic and the use of various chemical enzymes has proven to be fruitful. Enzymes play a huge role in treating wastewater and also proved cost-effective. 

Wastewater treatment helps in making industrial wastewater safe to return back to the water cycle if not for human consumption and when only 0.03% of the total water is consumable such measures are a must to ensure a sustainable future. 

Enzymes in this treatment process help in breaking down organic waste in the water making it safe for use but not consumption. Research has proven that effluents pose the most threat to the marine flora and fauna when dumped recklessly in large amounts and after the industrial revolution, we somehow can’t bring down the volume that we dump on a regular basis. 

Ultreze enzymes play quite an important role here being an enzyme manufacturer. Enzymes coming from them have been known for their quality treatment without the use of harmful chemicals and giving a new look and definition to wastewater treatment.

Expertly selected bacteria in their enzymes have always given excellent results in terms of reduced odour, faster breakdown of waste and sludge, and increased efficiency in an overall manner.

Their enzymes are environment friendly and have absolutely zero toxins present which is a huge bonus when it comes to wastewater treatment. Adeptly certified enzymes of Utrezenzymes have proven to reduce the COD(chemical oxygen demand) levels in effluents during the treatment ensuring safety and improved overall quality of the water.

In this era, enzyme treatment proves to be the best alternative for treating wastewater and Ultreze enzyme’s oxidoreductase is their chief enzyme for wastewater treatment. It catalyzes the oxidation-reduction reaction and can treat various waste liquids such as dyes and phenols.

Did you know that India today can treat about 37% of its wastewater that amounts to almost 22,963 million litres on a daily basis over the total wastewater produced i.e. 61,754 million litres per day?

One can just imagine the boost the industries would get when all of the wastewater enters the cycle again.

Today Enzymes play an essential role in wastewater treatment breaking down all the organic waste in the water and separating the solid waste from the water and also keeping the costs low, being an area that needs extra attention and efforts, this can be something that can give India a brighter future than what we see right now.

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