Enzymes For Wastewater Management: A Boon In Every Way!
 17 March 2022

Enzymes and water have been co-existing alongside since the very beginning, both being a part of both the ecosystem and the fauna living in them make enzymes for wastewater management an aspect that was already written in the fate of this world. Over the years of rapid industrialization and modernization, we have somehow overtaken our previous water consumption by a mile, it might as well be much more than that!

Industrial freshwater consumption has been rising at an alarming rate of almost 2-3% of the yearly consumption, which in terms of modernization is something to celebrate, but not in terms of sustainability.

UN reports indicate that industrial consumption of freshwater almost covers 22% of the global withdrawal! Wastewater is the end result of all kinds of freshwater withdrawal, but we as humans always keep an eye on both sides of the coin, which actually resulted in us coming up with enzymatic wastewater treatment.

Enzymatic Wastewater treatment has definitely been a boon in refining our water resources even if its just a small percentage. India is noted to produce almost 38354 MLD (Million litres daily) of wastewater, out of which only 11786 MLD are treated and becomes fit for reusing. Ultreze enzymes act as the catalyst here and have played the biggest role in boosting the yearly wastewater treatment rates.

Why Enzymes For Wastewater Treatment

Enzymatic wastewater treatment is a proven natural way of converting unusable wastewater into reusable, safe, and clean water substitutes. Wastewater treatment did have a basic inclusion of chemicals in the past but Ultreze enzymes is one manufacturer of enzymes for wastewater management which runs with the motto of completely eradicating the use of chemicals.

Enzymes are used for wastewater treatment because industries usually reuse the same water they had previously used after treating it, but the fact that makes them do this is that this chemically treated water is still not fit for the environment. Not every industry follows this, which is the biggest drawback of chemical wastewater treatment. Treated water which is still laden with dangerous chemicals is released into the ecosystem which later on harms the environment in many ways. The absence of effluents but the presence of harmful chemicals still makes it a “work in progress”, but industries still just drain the water into the water bodies, polluting it in the worst ways possible.

Enzymatic wastewater treatment includes naturally occurring enzymes extracted from their sources, which are then used to create seperate blends for different treatment purposes.

Ultreze enzymes has produced top quality enzymes for wastewater management like:

  • Protease
  • Amylase
  • Xylanase
  • Cellulase
  • Urease
  • Lipase

They create 2 blends considering the type of operations your industry takes up. These blends are:

  • Aerobic blend
  • Anaerobic blend

Both the blends follow a set of different stages catalysing enzymatic wastewater treatment.

Aerobic Blend For Enzymatic Wastewater Treatment

The aerobic blend at Ultreze enzymes uses a 3 stage filtration process and also uses a considerable amount of energy to treat the wastewater. This blend is a dry free flowing powder with concentrated free flowing hydrolytic enzymes and a total of 10 strains of naturally occurring bacteria that will genetically produce the necessary enzymes for the treatment. Mainly used for reducing BOD and COD levels, it also aids in depleting the sludge levels and gets rid of odour and colour of the effluent.

Anaerobic Blend For Enzymatic Wastewater Treatment

Ultreze’s anaerobic blend uses a 4 stage process for converting wastewater into reusable water. Brown in colour, this free flowing brown powder matches a lot with the aerobic blend except for 2 facts, it provides high quality fertile manure which can be handed off to the ones concentrating on the agricultural sides, and that this blend uses considerably less energy when it comes to enzymes for wastewater treatment.

Ultreze enzymes work diligently to eradicate the abundant use of chemicals and aims at incorporating enzymatic usage wherever possible. Their aim is to completely eradicate chemicals and help industries move towards greener solutions in every direction possible.