How To Find The Best Enzyme Manufacturers In India?
 1 June 2021

Since the past decade, Enzyme manufacturers have helped catalyse the growth of pharmaceutical, food and feed, textile processing, detergent manufacturing, and leather manufacturing sectors. But no matter which aforementioned industry you may belong to, finding an enzyme manufacturer in India that best fulfills your needs is a tough task.

Here Are A Few Factors To Consider While Finding The Best Enzyme Manufacturers In India

Customised Enzyme Manufacturing:

While ensuring that the enzyme manufacturing firm you select offers the staple set of enzymes that are readily available, it is also important to check if they are willing to customize. The best enzyme manufacturers will not only offer generic enzymes but will have a team of biochemists, capable of customizing enzymes according to your needs. Not only should they be willing to customize a batch of enzymes that is tailor-made according to what your industry needs, they must also be willing to work with both — small and large requirements. 


An important thing to do while finding the best enzyme manufacturers in India is to check their certifications. Any leading enzyme manufacturing firm should be (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice Certified, have an FSSAI license no. and also have an ISO certification. When it comes to the food industry, it should have halal and kosher certification as well. You can check for their certificates on their websites or ask the manufacturers to share their certificates with you. 

Consumer And Environment Safety:

Any good enzyme manufacturer in the world would have a good research and development team. While finalising the enzyme manufacturer you want to choose for your particular industry, ask what protocols do their R&D teams follow to ensure the safety of the environment and the customers. It is important that an adequate risk assessment is made whenever a new enzyme containing a consumer product is developed. This especially holds true for the food, detergent, pharmaceutical and animal feed industry. 

Check Online Presence:

In a world where everything is online, a business is only as relevant as it’s digital presence. The best enzyme manufacturers definitely understand the importance of a strong online presence. While searching for an enzyme manufacturing firm in India, do a thorough check of their website and social media pages. Check if the pages are updated and the website looks user-friendly and has listed all products categorically. You must also go through online reviews about the shortlisted companies and check the list of clients they have previously worked with. 

Customer-first Approach:

The best enzyme manufacturers in India would show a considerable amount of flexibility without compromising the quality of the final products. A simple phone call could help you deduct which company would be willing to go the extra mile for you and which ones are strictly all about business. 

While there are many factors that can help you determine the best enzyme manufacturers in India, it is useful to keep the mentioned points in mind while shortlisting.