Enzymes Used As Protein Binders In Dairy Products
 16 March 2023

By catalysing various biochemical processes involved in food production; Enzymes play a vital role in the food processing sector. Enzymes can increase the nutritional value and quality of food products while also improving the productivity of food manufacturing. Protein binders are one of the main uses of enzymes in the dairy business. In this blog, we’ll look in more detail at Enzymes used as Protein Binders in Dairy Products and their advantages.

Binders For Protein In Dairy Products

Before we start, it’s crucial to understand the term, enzymatic coagulation of milk, Enzymatic coagulation of milk is a process used in cheese-making that involves the use of enzymes to curdle or coagulate milk proteins, forming solid curds and liquid whey; Additional proteins may be added as binders to these goods to enhance their functionality and texture. Curd is a prime example of the usage of enzymes. Enzymes in the curd-making process are only one enzyme, i.e. renin enzyme.  The enzyme rennin turns milk into curd, and that’s why we can call it curd enzyme. These binders enhance the mouthfeel of the finished product, lessen syneresis (the separation of whey from curd), and strengthen the protein network.

Casein, whey proteins, and other milk proteins are mainly used in binding protein in dairy products. These proteins might not, however, be appropriate for every purpose. For instance, casein is frequently used as a binder in the manufacture of cheese, but its poor solubility and propensity to clump can make it difficult to work with. On the other hand, whey proteins are very digestible but can be pricey.

As Protein Binders, Enzymes

 In dairy products, enzymes can also serve as protein binders. Smaller peptides that have greater solubility and enhanced functional properties can be created from milk proteins by enzymes. Then, these peptides can be utilised in dairy goods as protein binders. Let’s further dive into this topic and comprehend rennet enzyme. But you may be questioning that, is rennet enzyme? The answer is yes. Rennet is an enzyme. The stomachs of ruminant mammals like cows, goats, and sheep contain a complex of enzymes, including chymosin. To coagulate milk and create curds during the cheese-making process, rennet is utilised, this is what we can say, is rennet action on milk. Although genetic engineering or microbial fermentation now produces the majority of the rennet used in cheese making.

Microbial transglutaminase is one illustration of an enzyme used as a protein binder in dairy goods (MTG). MTG is an enzyme that helps protein molecules create covalent bonds with one another. Milk proteins can be cross-linked using this enzyme, creating a network of proteins that is more robust and has a better texture.

Using enzymes as protein binders has the following advantages

There are several advantages to using enzymes as protein binders in dairy goods. First, milk proteins can become more soluble and functional, which makes them easier to deal with. This may result in more consistent and higher-quality products.

Additionally, enzymes can lower the quantity of protein needed as a binder, which can result in cost reductions. A low concentration of MTG, such as 0.1% to 0.5% of the total protein, can be used, for instance, to produce the intended binding effect.

Using enzymes as protein binders can also result in the creation of brand-new dairy goods with distinct qualities. For instance, adding MTG to milk proteins can cross-link them, giving the cheese a firmer structure and greater dependability. 

In the dairy business, enzymes are frequently used as protein binders. Milk proteins can be broken down into smaller peptides by enzymes like MTG, which have better functional properties and can be used as protein binders in dairy products. Enzymes can be used as protein binders to lower costs, increase product quality, and create novel dairy products with distinct qualities. We, at Ultreze Enzymes, are manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of quality enzymes that meet industries’ demands. Ultreze Enzymes is a leading biotech company with a robust portfolio of high-quality enzymes for various industries globally. If you are looking for quality enzymes, we are here to serve you!