Phytase For Animal Feed And Much More!
 24 September 2021

The use of enzymes in the animal feed industry has been prevalent for quite some time now, and newer discoveries are being made at quite a good pace. The use of chemicals has been proven harmful for both the planet as well as its inhabitants and the journey towards a more eco-friendly world is well within our grasp. The crux for this post being the use of phytase for animal feed, lets’s take a look at how the agricultural sector of our nation fares with enzyme use and how it can prove beneficial in the long run.

The agriculture industry cannot be powered without animals, and keeping them healthy for the same is a must. The product that we get from animals and the services they’re used in both have a strong relationship with their well-being and health. The meat industry and the livestock industry have almost entirely started the use and incorporation of enzymes in their feed and this is slowly proving to be the best decision this industry has made!

Aid in digestion and better nutrient retention being one of the biggest advantages of incorporating enzyme in feed, it also helps in not just reducing waste but also making that waste “eco friendly” to avert any damage to mother earth!

One such enzyme that has revolutionized this is phytase The use of Phytase for animal feed has brought about a revolution and aided the inclusion of a more plant-based diet for animals.

phytase for animal feed ultrez enzymes

A plant-based diet already gives a more fiber-backed supplementation to animals to increase digestive prowess and the fiber helps in aiding cleaner and healthier bowel movements. The need for a healthier bowel interaction rises as the excreta of these barn animals is used in the process of making organic compost that is later on used in aiding better farming practices. It also helps in diminishing the use of “chemical plant growth aids” helping divert us towards more eco-friendly inclusions.

Phytase for animal feed helps in an issue that seems small but when tackled can give amazing results both healthwise and environment wise. India is a country that follows more of a plant-based diet and has a major chunk of the population leaning towards a regular vegetarian diet. Now plants have phytic acid, which is present in plants and helps them store phosphorus in a highly stable form for aiding in binding other nutritional elements such as proteins and minerals.

This phytic acid is indigestible for non-ruminant animals and that’s where the main advantage of incorporating phytase for animal feed comes into play.  Phytase breaks down this particular acid and makes the feed more digestible for the animal and also aids in retaining more of the nutrients helping in better growth and sustenance. Phytic acid can also suppress hunger, digestive enzymes, and can also cause irritation in the gut which is not suitable for a sustainable life for the animals. Introducing phytase for animal feed helps in thwarting these problems and catalyzing better digestion including increased nutrient retention in the animal.

Further studies have revealed that the inclusion of phytase for animal feed has resulted in improved health quality and increased productivity for the animals that are used for physical work be it agriculture or transport. This proves that the increased nutrient retention helped in increasing the overall productivity of the animals.

India being a developing country still depends on animals for a lot of agricultural activities and incorporating phytase for animal feed can prove beneficial and can help a lot in these areas with enzyme suppliers like ultreze enzymes, this thing can reach unimaginable heights. Dealing in bio enzymes and having customers from every corner of the country, Ultreze enzymes fulfills the enzyme requirements of many and is one of the top enzyme suppliers in the country. Known and highly recommended for their purity quotient, Ultreze ranks among the top and has held the position with a relentless supply of quality enzymes.

In concluding the post, one thing has been made quite clear about the chemical base that has been created in our Agricultural sector, chemicals have to be kicked out of the system completely to enjoy the benefits of a safer and more sustainable future.

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