Pharmaceutical Enzyme Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
 17 March 2022

Pharmaceuticals have ignorantly been using enzymes since the early ages. Known for their properties to bind with the target molecules and deliver the desired product or process, enzymes are definitely hugely required in the pharmaceutical industry. Naturally occurring Enzymes have been a part of our life since the very beginning and till this date, have been proven to give better results when compared to the chemically synthesised medications. Ultreze enzymes is one Pharmaceutical enzyme manufacturers that has provided naturally synthesised enzymes in Pharmaceuticals and has been noted as the best in India!

Pharmaceuticals that are made using enzymes have been noted to catalyse better and faster reactions while simultaneously giving a good result at all times. Better reactions have been noted in the drugs formulated with the application of enzymes in Pharmaceuticals.

Being economically viable, and considerably more reliable than their chemical counterparts, the usage of enzymes in Pharma can be easily divided into 2 major purposes namely:

  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Treatment of disease

Enzymes Used For Disease Diagnosis

Enzymes play a tricky role in diagnosing a disease. The fact that enzymes are a part of every living creature gives it a role in the metabolism of any disease that enters our body. Enzyme manufacturers have noted that enzyme metabolism can hold sometimes a direct or an indirect connection with the disease and can help medical practitioners get the best insight on how and what the person is suffering from.

By studying the enzyme metabolism, a medical practitioner can identify the ailment without much hassle. Scientists are constantly studying various different enzymes with high rates of metabolism to create new and better variations for us to rapidly identify the ailment. The enzyme metabolism system has been one of the biggest boons for both pharma companies and the Pharmaceutical enzyme manufacturers, as the enzymes in Pharmaceuticals have acted as a blessing for mankind to tackle the problems posed by diseases.

Enzymes Used For Treatment Of Disease

Treatment using Enzymes have been categorised by 2 of their main tracts. Enzymes are known to specifically attack the target and have been known to affect the targeted compound with a great level of affinity. The 2nd main tract is the fact that they are known to be highly specific and tend to act as catalysts by converting multiple molecules into the product desired and thought of for the process. Enzymatic inclusion in the treatment of diseases has reached a level where even cancer patients are being treated using an enzyme called PEGylated arginine deiminase.
These have given way to further innovation and studies catalysing some of the best possible options for doctors and medical workers to pave their way and create better and easier solutions for the diseases we face in today’s world.

Apart from that, Ultreze enzymes have been India’s top Pharmaceutical enzyme manufacturers and have provided several enzymes for Pharmaceuticals and also for various other industries like food, textile, wastewater management, etc.
The major enzymes they deal in are:

  • Bromelain [ Dietary supplement for reducing pain and swelling]
  • Nattokinase [ Enhances our natural ability to fight blood clots]
  • Serratiopeptidase [ Removes blood clots in the system]
  • Pappain [ digestive aid and anti-inflammatory]
  • Lactase [ Prevents symptoms of Lactose Intolerance]
  • Lysozyme [ Natural and most powerful antibacterial and antiviral compound]

Ultreze enzymes are the best in India and have also consistently delivered their best quality enzymes overseas to countries like Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, Ghana, Africa, etc.

Their products have charted the world and are known to be of the best quality in the country. A team of the country’s best biochemists, and backed by modern technological prowess, they aim to create a world which eradicates the use of chemicals and empowers the use of naturally occurring enzymes instead.