Glucoamylase Enzyme

Ultreze Enzyme private limited is the most prominent exporter, manufacturers and supplier of Glucoamylase Enzyme. The enzyme is a 1, 4- alpha-D-glucan glucohydrolase and is commonly known as Glucoamylase or Amyloglucosidase. It is an isoamylase that triggers the release of successive glucose units from non-reducing ends of dextrin and oligosaccharides chain by hydrolyzing both linear (1, 4- -D) and branched (1, 6- -D) glucosidic linkages. It is used to saccharify liquefied starch from various primary sources such as corn, wheat, milo, sorghum, tapioca, barley, rice & potatoes. Resulting in glucose-rich syrups that can be further fermented to produce Ethanol.

Application of Glucoamylase Enzyme

Glucoamylases enzymes are widely used in the food industry, such as for the production of high-glucose syrups and high-fructose syrups.

In the Baking industry, Glucoamylase enzymes improves the flour quality, prevents the dough from getting stale fast, as well as it improves the crust’s colour and the quality of high fibre baked products.

Glucoamylase Enzymes convert the starch present in the flour to maltose and fermentable sugars. Fermentation by yeast leads to the dough rising.

Glucoamylases enzymes plays a very important role in the production of sake(Japanese liquor) and soya sauce, as well as in the production of light beer. They metabolize dextrins and help in their conversion to fermentable sugars with reduced calorific value and also gives the alcohol content present in the beer.

Glucoamylase enzyme is widely used for starch saccharification reaction to yield glucose for use in food and fermentation industries.

Another immensely vital application of glucoamylase enzyme is that of a digestive aid in the nutraceuticals industries. 

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