Advanced Agriculture Enzymes Emerge As Crop Saviors
 10 December 2021

The story of enzymes practically began with us and the journey to date has given birth to some of the best enzymes for agriculture.

Various different enzymes are incorporated for agricultural purposes and each plays a different role. Some help in better and faster growth of plants whereas some help in retaining the nutrients in the soil.
In fact, some even can act as pesticides without harming the soil, crop, or end-user!
Enzymes have grown at a tremendous speed and each new discovery has given us a unique and better boost. 

Which Are The Best Enzymes For Agriculture

Agriculture, as we know, is an umbrella term that has a lot of branches that mean agriculture as a whole, but might sound a little different.
When we talk about “best enzymes for agriculture” it includes every enzyme that comes under this umbrella term.
We can classify each enzyme based on its primary function, each brings us to 2 major classes:

  1. Enzymes for Soil Fertility
  2. Enzymes for Animal Feed

If we talk over the top, the major enzymes that fall under these 2 classes are Phosphatase, Ureases, Sulphatases, Proteases, Cellulases, and Phytases.

Enzymes For Soil Fertility

Phosphatase is one enzyme that helps in improving soil fertility. Phosphate substrates happen to be the major mineralization source in soil. The naturally produced enzymes in the soil come from microbial, plant, and animal activity that takes place, and that is exactly how this enzyme helps.

Phosphatase helps in replenishing the lost nutrients of the soil.
Constant use of pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, etc, ends up wringing the soil off of all its nutrient value.

This makes the soil lose its nutrition over time.

Phosphatase helps in mineralizing organic phosphorus substrates so that the soil can speed up the process of rejuvenating back to its original nutritional value!
This enzyme is one of the leading players when it comes to keeping soil nutrition levels!          

Agriculture enzymes help farmers in various different ways and also include enzymes that are used in animal feed.

Ureas and sulphatases also make this list of the best enzymes for agriculture. These enzymes in particular help in replenishing the uric acid and the sulfates that are spent after each crop.

As you know crops use soil nutrients to grow into their best form. Their growth will be heavily dependent on soil fertility, which is decided on the basis of these bio-chemicals in the soil. Phosphorus, sulfates, uric acid, atmospheric nitrogen, and many more Bio-acids are present in the soil that give plants the required mineral supply to grow.

Those sum up the enzymes that both help in crop growth and also in revitalizing your soil, Now come to the enzymes that help your farm animals give you the right product and also provide you with the natural manure that every farmer knows, is practically gold!

Enzymes For Animal Feed

There are several enzymes that help keep your domesticated animals healthy and fit, but here we will focus on those enzymes that help in proper digestion, which is basically the key to attaining that “gold”.

These can also be included in agriculture enzymes and are a part of the best enzymes for agriculture!
Basically, proteases, cellulases, and phytases are the 3 major enzymes that regulate proper nutrition retention and digestion in animals.

Proteases help in the proper digestion of proteins in animals and also aid in proper digestion. They break down the tough protein bonds that animals usually face trouble digesting and convert them to simpler bonds that can be easily absorbed by them. 

Another one of the major agriculture enzymes here is cellulase. This enzyme is known to enable better digestion of the cellulose fiber intake of the animals. Their fibrous intake will regulate better bowel movement but can affect nutrient retention in animals. These enzymes help in the retention part and enable good and healthy excretion so that you are never short of natural manure.

Phytases help in digestion by converting the complex phytic acid bonds into simpler phosphorus compounds for intestinal ease. This also aids in better bowel movement for animals.  
These agriculture enzymes help in bringing good and valuable dung which can be later on used for making good compost, which also somehow completes the whole circle. These enzymes sum up to be the best enzymes for agriculture and every farmer can do wonders when given proper profitable access to these agriculture enzymes.

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Bio enzymes can be one of the most profitable ways to change our world and every enzyme supplier can help make this change a reality.