Serratiopeptidase Enzyme: Applications & Benefits
 26 November 2022

In Layman’s language, Enzymes are the proteins which make the process faster. Enzymes play vital roles in many industries like Textile, food, fermented products, pharmaceuticals, and leather processing. There are different types of Enzymes, like Alpha Amylase Enzyme, Cellulase Enzyme, Serratiopeptidase Enzyme, and Pepsin Enzyme and so on. All the above enzymes have unique properties. If we talk about the Serratiopeptidase enzyme, it helps to reduce inflammation and pain. Let’s comprehend it in more detail.

What is Serratiopeptidase ?

Serratiopeptidase is also referred to as Serrapeptase, which is simpler to say and keep in mind. It is a particular proteolytic enzyme whose job is to disassemble large protein chunks into smaller amino acid fragments. It is created by bacteria found in silkworms’ digestive tracts. The silkworm moth disintegrates and digests its cocoon with the aid of serrapeptase, enabling it to emerge. In the 1950s, the anti-inflammatory qualities of other proteolytic enzymes including bromelain, trypsin, and chymotrypsin were already being used as over-the-counter supplements in the USA. A decade later, serrapeptase, another proteolytic enzyme, was successfully isolated from silkworms by researchers in Japan. Inflammation and pain were discovered to be reduced more effectively by the Serratiopeptidase enzyme than by other proteolytic enzymes.

Applications & Pros of Serratiopeptidase Enzyme.

The Serrapeptase enzyme has been linked in several investigations, and research to various claimed health advantages. The advantages of utilising Serratiopeptidase are as follows:

1. Decreasing Inflammation

Body inflammation is typically treated with serratiopeptidase. Dentists recommend it for a variety of dental conditions as well as following dental treatments. Among them include the treatment of lockjaw and the prescription of it to lessen facial pain and edoema following minor surgical procedures like tooth extraction. According to studies, corticosteroid-containing prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen were ineffective at reducing pain and facial swelling as much as serratiopeptidase enzyme. Additionally, it was found that serrapeptase was safer to use when compared to these drugs.

2. Enriches Antibiotic Effectiveness And Fights Infections

Combining serrapeptase with antibiotics lowers bacterial activity and stops the spread of illnesses. Bacterial colonies produce a biofilm in the initial stages of infection as a defence mechanism against antibiotics. This frequently occurs with super germs that are quickly developing an immunity to antibiotics. Serratiopeptidase enzyme prevents the development of biofilm, enhancing the effectiveness of antibiotics and slowing the spread of illness.

3.Pain Relief

Serrapeptase enzyme applications also include lessening inflammation and other types of discomfort. It offers the user relief by preventing the action of substances that cause pain. It is particularly successful at reducing ear, nose, and throat inflammation-related pain and mucus production.

4. Beneficial For Chronic Respiratory Conditions

According to research, people with CRDs (chronic respiratory disorders) can benefit from using serrapeptase. Asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and pulmonary hypertension are examples of chronic respiratory disorders. The lungs and respiratory system are affected by CRD, which are chronic and incurable disorders. The patient’s quality of life is improved when symptoms like dilated, clear airways and enhanced mucus clearance are reduced. Serrapeptase supplementation was observed to enhance mucus clearance and lessen pulmonary inflammation.

5. Might Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

Serratiopeptidase enzyme may also help prevent blood clots and treat cardiac conditions including atherosclerosis, which causes plaque formation in the arteries. If left untreated, this may result in a stroke or heart attack. The likelihood of blood clots and plaque formation in the blood is increased by fibrin and dead tissues. Serrapeptase reduces the likelihood of blood clots and plaque formation by breaking down fibrin and dead cells in the blood.

Exercise Caution:

Garlic, fish oil, turmeric, and serratiopeptidase enzyme shouldn’t be taken with each other or with blood thinners like aspirin and warfarin. It could raise the risk of stomach pain, nausea, coughing and bleeding and bruising.


Due to its attributes, the proteolytic enzyme offers a wide range of uses and advantages. Serratiopeptidase has also been used to treat COVID-19 also. Serrapeptase enzyme’s principal use is to regulate inflammation, that’s why it plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical sector.

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