The Importance of Enzymes in the Brewing Process: Everything You Need to Know
 29 November 2023

Brewing beer is similar to carefully constructing a specific recipe. The unseen assistants in this process are enzymes. They resemble miniature cooks, simplifying complex concepts and transforming raw materials into a delightful beverage that we can all enjoy. Let’s find out more about the enzymes used in brewing industry, the importance of enzymes in brewing process, and their role in the interesting process of brewing.

What are Brewery Enzymes and How Do They Work?

Specialized proteins called brewer’s enzymes function as catalysts, quickening chemical reactions without changing themselves. Enzymes are crucial for turning starches, proteins, and other complex things in malted barley into sugars during brewing. One important enzyme in this job is called amylase.

Amylase Enzyme:

Enzymes are like the hidden superheroes in brewing. Water, malted barley, hops, and yeast are basic components that are used to create a wide variety of delicious drinks that are enjoyed by people worldwide. Brewers can alter their formulas to create specialty beers with distinct flavours and aromas by understanding how enzymes function. It’s like creating delicious magic!

Importance of Enzymes in the Brewing Process

The use of enzymes in brewing is crucial. Malting is the initial step, during which barley grains become moist, sprout, and then dry. Enzymes become active at this point and continue to do so for the duration of the brewing process.

The process of mashing involves combining hot water and malted barley. This makes the enzymes wake up again, and they change starches into sugars, creating a sweet liquid called wort. Subsequently, we extract the wort from the leftover grains and proceed to the subsequent phase of the brewing procedure.

Types of Enzymes Used in the Brewing Industry


The big groups of starch need to be turned into smaller sugars called dextrins by a helper called alpha-amylase. The body and mouthfeel of the beer are enhanced by this technique.


To convert the remaining dextrins into the fermentable sugar maltose, the enzyme beta-amylase is necessary. This is the critical stage of fermentation where alcohol is produced.

Protease Enzymes:

Proteins in the malted barley are broken down by protease enzymes, which results in a clearer beer and affects the stability of the froth.

Phytase Enzymes:

During the fermentation process, the enzyme phytase breaks down phytic acid, releasing bound phosphates that yeast can consume.

So above are the “Brewing Enzymes“, which are used in the brewing process. let’s move further to how they are used in the Brewing process.

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How Enzymes Are Used in the Brewing Process

Enzymes are essential to numerous processes, Let’s check the Application Of Enzymes In Brewing Industry.


To activate enzymes and allow them to convert starches into sugars, malted barley is combined with hot water. Wort, the liquid that is removed from the mash, is created as a result of this.


The process of separating the liquid wort from the spent grains during mashing is called lautering. Enzymes help break down complex chemicals in grains so that fermentable sugars can be extracted more effectively.


Hops are added to the brew to give it flavour and bitterness at this phase, which also deactivates the enzymes. In the process of sterilizing the wort, unwanted substances are eliminated.


After cooling, the wort is moved to fermentation tanks, and yeast is added to help turn the sugars in it into alcohol. At this point, enzymes are still influencing the flavor and texture of the beer.


Enzymes are like secret helpers in the world of making beer. They turn basic things like water, malted barley, hops, and yeast into many different tasty drinks that people all around the world love. When brewers understand how enzymes work, they can change their recipes and make special beers with unique flavours and smells. As science and technology get better, the brewing industry keeps finding cool new ways to use enzymes to make awesome, delicious beers. Thus, remember to raise a glass in honour of the amazing enzymes that enable your favourite beer the next time you raise one. Connect with us and Get the Quality Amylase Enzyme for your industry at the best price.