Use Of Alpha Amylase Enzyme In Different Industries
 31 August 2022

If we talk about one of the primary enzymes, Amylase comes on the first scale. These enzymes hydrolyse the particles of starch to create polymers made of glucose units. Amylases may be used in many industrial activities, including those in the food, paper, fermentation, and pharmaceutical sectors. Amylase Enzymes contain mainly three classes, Alpha-amylase, Beta amylase and Gamma amylase.

And with that, let’s signify the detailed information about Alpha-amylase . They get produced by animals, plants, and microbes. The manufacturing of alpha-amylase is required for the transformation of starches into oligosaccharides. Before getting into depth, it is essential to know the definition of the Alpha-amylase Enzyme.

What Is Alpha-amylase Enzyme?

Alpha-amylase is present in many biological or in other words living organic things. Ptyalin, an alpha-amylase generated by salivary glands in the digestive portions of humans and many other mammals, is secreted into the small intestine by pancreatic amylase. Alpha-amylase functions best at a pH between 6.7 and 7.0.

Let’s look into the applications of Alpha-amylase Enzymes in Industry.

Uses Of Alpha Amylase Enzymes In Various Industry:

Starch Processing Industry

Alpha Amylase Enzyme Manufacturing in the starch industry is more frequent to hydrolyze starch during the starch extraction procedure, which turns starch into syrups with glucose and fructose. Gelatinization entails the disintegration of starch molecules to create a viscous shutdown with a phase change, which entails a partial chemical reaction process and loss in the body. Saccharification, which entails the assembly of aldohexose and disaccharide via any reaction, is an example of the supermolecule transformation of all starch.

Alpha amylase from Eubacteria stearothermophilus or Eubacteria licheniformis has since taken the place of the original enzyme from Eubacteria amyloliquefaciens. Being Alpha Amylase Enzyme Manufacturer in India, we work through large-scale biotechnological procedures with outstanding processability and the availability of affordable expression platforms.

Food Industry

Amylases are widely used in the food processing industry in methods like baking, fermenting, producing digestive enzymes, making cakes, fruit juices and starch syrups. Being Alpha Amylase Enzyme Manufacturer and Alpha-Amylase Supplier, we can say that its uses of it in baking processes are widespread. These catalysts can be used in the bread dough to help break down the starch in the flour into smaller dextrins, which the yeast then ferments. The amount and quality of the finished product enhance as a result of the addition of alpha-amylase, which increases the speed of fermentation and decreases dough stiffness.

Additionally, Alpha Amylase produces added sugar in the dough, which enhances the bread’s flavour, the pigment of the crust, and toasting capabilities.

Textile Industry

Alpha Amylases are employed in the de-sizing procedure in the textile industry. Before fabric manufacture, sizing agents like starch are put into yarn to ensure a speedy and safe weaving procedure. Because it is inexpensive, widely accessible throughout the majority of the globe, and simple to eliminate, starch is a very appealing quantity. In a very wet procedure, starch is later removed from the woven cloth in the textile processing industry.

De-sizing is the process of removing starch from a cloth that acts as a stiffening agent to prevent the weft thread from tearing during the weaving process. The alpha-amylases remove the sizes by choice rather than attacking the threads.

For a very long time, textile manufacturers used alpha-amylase from real bacteria to colour fabrics.

Fuel Alcohol Manufacturing

One of the most common liquid biofuels is ethanol. Starch is the most commonly used base for the synthesis of ethanol due to its lower cost and accessibility as a raw material in most parts of the globe. In this process, starch must first be solubilized before going through two enzymatic stages to produce fermentable sugars.

The bioconversion of starch into alcohol incorporates 2 natural processes: saccharification, in which starch is transformed into sugar by an amylolytic microbial agent or enzyme-like alpha-amylase; and fermentation, in which sugar is transformed into ethanol by an ethanol-fermenting microbial agent like fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

In the first stage of the processing of starch suspensions, alpha-amylase from thermos flask-resistant microorganisms such as genuine bacteria licheniformis or constructed strains of Escherichia coli or Bacillus subtilis is utilised.

Paper Industry

The purpose of using alpha-amylases in the paper production industry is to modify coated paper starch or to put together reduced high-molecular weight starch. This coating process improves the paper’s ability to write by making its texture of it sufficiently strong and smooth. The natural starch’s texture is just too high for paper type or size for this use, but this can be changed by partially breaking down the chemical component with alpha-amylases during batch or continuous processes.

In addition to serving as an excellent covering for the paper, starch may be a useful filling ingredient for the finishing process of paper, improving the quality and erasability. The height and width improve the paper’s durability and rigidity.


While there are numerous microbiological resources for the effective manufacturing of this alpha-amylase enzyme, which is widely used in starch-based businesses, only a few carefully chosen strains of fungi and bacteria fulfil the requirements for commercial manufacturing.

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