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Transglutaminase Enzyme Manufacturer


Transglutaminase enzyme that triggers the formation of isopeptide bonds between proteins. Its cross-linking property is widely used in various processes such as manufacturing cheese and other dairy products, meat processing, producing edible films, and manufacturing bakery products.

Transglutaminase enzyme has considerable potential to enhance the firmness, viscosity, elasticity, and water-binding capacity of food products. 

Transglutaminases are enzymes that in nature trigger the formation of an isopeptide bond between γ-carboxamide groups of glutamine residue side chains and the ε-amino groups of lysine residue side chains with subsequent release of ammonia. Lysine and glutamine residues are bound to a peptide or a protein so that this cross-linking or intramolecular reaction can take place. Bonds formed by this substance exhibit high resistance to proteolytic degradation. 

Transglutaminase Enzymes

Transglutaminase Enzyme for Dairy Industries

      • In Yoghurt and Fermented Milk products, the production of transglutaminase enzyme increases the creaminess and texture in products with low-fat content, increases gel strength, facilitates protein meshing, reduction of water syneresis by up to 80%, helps in decreasing the cream content, and to eliminate gums and gelatin. It also helps to reduce the addition of solids and stabilizers, such as powdered milk, proteins, etc., and most importantly reduces the final cost of the product. 
      • When cheese is made, the transglutaminase enzyme helps in Increasing and improving the texture. It also helps in reducing syneresis, increasing the final cheese production by up to 15-20%, It reduces and eliminates the addition of proteins, standardizing and proving cost-effective.

Transglutaminase Enzyme for Meat Processing Industries

      • Transglutaminase enzyme is widely used in the meat industry transglutaminase preparations facilitate the strongest coherence of a meat block without the need for heat processing or the addition of salt or phosphates. It Improves the texture while standardizing the final product, Facilitates the elimination of phosphates and caseinates, and enhances the final texture in low sodium products.
      • In sausages, the transglutaminase enzyme helps in improving texture, gives a better bite, reduces water leakage, and helps reduce or replace  E-numbers.
      • In raw sausages, transglutaminase enzymes improve the sectional view, reduce the ripening and drying time by 30%, and prevent the cupping effect of pizza salami

Transglutaminase Enzymes For Vegan Protein Based Products

      • In vegan sausages, transglutaminase enzymes improve texture, give a better bite, reduce water leakage, and also help in the reduction or replacement of E-numbers. 
      • In vegan yogurt, transglutaminase enzymes improve the creaminess of the product, reduce water by syneresis by up to 80%, reduction or replacement of emulsifiers, reduced dry matter, and process aid for faster pump speeds.

Transglutaminase Enzymes For Bakery Industries


Transglutaminase enzyme in bread production reduces dough stickiness, helps in the stabilization of the fluctuating raw material quality, and improves gas retention capacity and volume stability after defrosting is improved.


In the production of Gluten-free products, transglutaminase enzymes improve gas retention capacity, and stretchability, and make the surface smoother.