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Ultreze Enzymes Private Limited is an esteemed manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of Papain enzymes. Papain (EC is a plant proteolytic enzyme for the cysteine proteinase family of enzymes in which enormous progress has been made to understand its functions. Papain naturally in papaya (Carica papaya L.) is manufactured from the latex of raw papaya fruits. The enzyme is able to break down organic molecules made from amino acids, known as polypeptides, and thus play a crucial role in a variety of biological processes in physiological and pathological states, drug designs, industrial uses such as meat tenderizers, and for pharmaceutical preparations. The unique structure of papain gives it the functionality that helps elucidate how proteolytic enzymes work and also makes it useful for a variety of purposes.  Papain can be available in both powder and liquid form. We deal with two types of papain i.e. crude and ultra-refined papain.

Meat processingPapain is a cysteine protease that is used as the best ingredient in meat tenderizers. Papain is the natural enzyme that breaks down the protein in meat into smaller fragments which cause tenderization of the meat and makes it smoother.
Malt IndustriesMalt Extraction 
Baking Industries• Dough relaxation


• Reducing mix time

• Increasing pan flow

• Decreasing snap back of shaped dough, such as pizza crust

• Improving Cracker Production

Personal CareAlso used in toothpaste and mouthwash to whiten teeth, removes plaque and odor-causing deposits on teeth and gum tissues.
Animal Feed • Production of savoury flavours for pet foods


• Treatment of hairballs in cats and rabbits

• Improves the hydrolysis of protein in animal feeds

• Papain improves nutrition and ensiling of forages

• Organic protease for use in poultry feeds

Plant Protein HydrolysisIt is used on soy, wheat, peas, pulses, corn, barley, and sorghum to help with reducing viscosity
PharmaceuticalPapain has been used as a digestive aid and anti-inflammatory agent. It has also shown to have anthelmintic. Papain is a popular folk remedy that reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling.NutraceuticalsIt aids in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
NutraceuticalsIt aids in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and in the reduction of cholesterol levels.
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