Industrial Uses Of Enzymes : How They Make Production Easier
 13 February 2023

Enzymes are Biological substances that act as catalysts in living things, speeding up chemical reactions. Enzymes have developed into a crucial tool in several industries, including food, animal feed, textiles, and medicines, thanks to their capacity to boost productivity and cut costs. Here, we’ll look at how each of these businesses uses enzymes to streamline production. Several industrial enzymes are used in different industries like Trypsin enzymes, Alpha Amylase enzymes, Papain Enzymes, Lactase Enzymes, and so on. We have sorted out some of the core industries and the uses of enzymes in their respective industries.

So Here We go!

Let’s Begin With The Very Fascinating Industry

Food Industry:

In the food sector, enzymes are essential since they are utilised in many processes, including baking, brewing, making fruit juice, and making dairy products. Enzymes, for instance, are employed in baking to enhance the flavor and texture of the bread. They produce a more palatable taste and feel by converting complicated carbs into simple sugars.

Trypsin enzyme that aids us digest protein. The digestive process that began in the stomach is continued by trypsin, which breaks down proteins in the small intestine. It is sometimes referred to as a proteinase or a proteolytic enzyme.

Trypsinogen, an inactive version of trypsin, is produced by the pancreas. Trypsinogen passes from the common bile duct to the small intestine where it is converted into active trypsin.

Enzymes are employed in the brewing process to convert the complicated carbs in the grains into simple glucose, which is then fermented to create beer. Enzymes are employed to dissolve the fruit’s cell walls and release the juice during the manufacturing of fruit juices. Last but not least, enzymes are employed in the dairy sector to create cheese by dissolving lactose into simple sugars. Catalase and lactase are the primary enzymes used in dairy processing. Transglutaminase can catalyse the production of lysine covalent connections between or within protein molecules to create protein gels that give meat products a particular level of hardness and elasticity.

Do you know that Enzymes are Beneficial in the Animal Feed Industry also? Xylanase and β-glucanase are core enzymes that are used in Animal Feed Industry. Let’s check it in detail.

Animal Feed Industry

The use of enzymes in the animal feed business helps to boost the nutritional value of feed, save costs, and improve animal digestion. For instance, phytases are employed to release the nutrients that are bound inside indigestible plant fibres in feed. Proteins are divided into smaller peptides by proteases, making them easier for animals to digest. The two most common fibre-digesting enzymes utilised in the animal feed business are xylanase and -glucanase.

We have read a brief about the use of enzymes in the animal feed sector. So, now Let’s Move forward to another industry i.e Textile Industry. You all may know that Textile Industries use Enzymes in Different Processes like removing starch, De-sizing, and Bleaching textiles. Let’s explore it in greater detail.

Textile Industry

In the textile business, enzymes like cellulases, catalase, and laccase are frequently utilised. The starch is removed, excess hydrogen peroxide is broken down, textiles are bleached, and lignin is broken down using these enzymes. In the textile business, enzymes are employed to alter the characteristics of fibres, enabling them to be simpler to process and enhancing their end-use attributes. For instance, cellulases are employed to degrade cotton fibres, giving garments a soft, fuzzy texture. Additionally, wool fibres’ proteins are broken down by proteases, enabling them to be simpler to consume and giving them a softer, more appealing texture.

We have seen the Applications of enzymes in the textile industry in various processes. Let’s See the Uses of enzymes in the pharmaceutical industry, which is another crucial industry that uses enzymes.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies use enzymes to increase the potency and stability of their products. To increase the bioavailability of medications, proteases are utilised, for instance, to split up proteins into smaller peptides. Drugs made with fatty acids are more stable since lipases are employed to break down fats. Lactase, Papain, Bromelain, Pepsin, Diastase, and so on are enzymes used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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