Bromelain considered a proteolytic enzyme is a class of enzymes known to aid in the digestion of protein. Also known as Ananase. It can be found in the juice of the stem of the pineapple plant.

Bromelain extract is a mixture of protein-digesting proteolytic enzymes mixed with several other substances in rather small quantities. These proteolytic enzymes are sulfhydryl proteases that can be defined as a free sulfhydryl group of a cysteine amino acid side chain is required for it to function.

Bromelain in Medical Use

Promoted as a dietary supplement, bromelain helps in reducing pain and swelling of noses and sinuses, gums, and other body parts, usually after surgeries or minor injuries. Bromelain is also promoted for osteoarthritis, cancer, digestive problems, and muscle soreness. Topical bromelain also helps in treating oral ailments and burns up to third-degree burns. 

Bromelain in food industry

This thiol protease directly interacts with myofibrillar proteins, hydrolyzes fibrin and connective tissue, breaks down protein into smaller peptides and amino acids, breaks down muscle fibres and tendons and makes meat tender and smooth. Bromelain is also used to break down collagen and to produce gelatin which thickens and emulsify‚Äôs food. It also increases the content of food which can easily be digested and absorbed with a therapeutic effect. 

Bromelain in food industry

Bromelain is a thiol protease that directly interacts with myofibrillar proteins, hydrolyzes fibrin and connective tissue, degrades proteins into small molecules of peptides and amino acids, breaks muscle filaments and tendons, and makes meat tender and smooth. The use of bromelain to hydrolyze collagen to produce gelatin can thicken and emulsify food, and increase the content of food which is easily digested and absorbed, and has a therapeutic effect. 

Other Applications

Meat processingBromelain breaks down myofibrillar proteins and collagen and causes over-tenderization of meat.
Brewing IndustriesClarification of beer.
Baking IndustriesBromelain improves dough relaxation, allowing it to rise evenly and produce hypoallergenic flour that is suitable for wheat-allergic patients.
Personal Careactive ingredient in tooth-whitening dentifrices.
Textile Industriesbromelain is incorporated in leather processing and it is also used for improving the dyeing qualities of protein fibers, decomposing or partially solubilizing protein fiber from silk and wool. 
Cosmetic Industriesskin products to treat acne, wrinkles, and dry skin, reduce post-injection bruising and swelling. It is used as an active ingredient to provide mild peeling effects and as a cleansing agent. 
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